Nov 26, 2014

Can a Continent Turn from Loneliness and Self-Absorbtion

Pope Francis addressed the European Union yesterday.  In a well-crafted speech he challenged Europe to combat the divisiveness of individualism and polarization and remember its founding motto, "Unity in Diversity". The European Union formed by coming together to combat threats and build a better society. Recent crises have left nations pursuing policies of privatization of resources, placing the desires of individuals over the common good of all people, and those that create a moral vacuum filled only by extremism.

The future of Europe – added Pope Francis - depends on the recovery of the vital connection between openness to God and the practical and concrete ability to confront situations and problems

Christianity is not "a threat to secular Europe but rather an enrichment". In returning to its Christian culture, Europe will regain its "soul" and arise from its "loneliness"

Ultimately, what is good for Europe is also good and true for the United States. We are not strangers to loneliness, self-absorption, a growing disparity between wealthy and the poorest of poor, colleges that keep the poor from attending, and growing radicalism.


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Can a Continent Turn from Loneliness and Self-Absorbtion
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