May 27, 2013

Summer Vocation

Summer vacation is almost here, and both students and teachers feel the anticipation, though for different reasons.  Most students are simply looking forward to the time away from school and the lazy summer months.  Educators do look forward to this also.  In addition to relaxing, many educators work second jobs, catch up of home project that were put off during the busy months of May and June, and most engage in serious professional development.  In fact, most educators come up with their biggest ideas during this time.

Well, in addition to relaxing, planning, working, pursue our own studies, and doing whatever it is that we like to do during summer vacation why don't we spend some time growing in faith.  Joe Paprocki, a Catholic Educator and author of "Sharing My Journey of Teaching the Catholic Faith", has called on fellow educators to do this.  Additionally, last Friday, our faculty retreat our administrator asked us the very same question.

As I look forward to the summer months, this question weighs heavy on me.  It is often difficult to maintain a vibrant and fruitful prayer life when life moves at high speed and its demands pull you in multiple directions.  I believe I will slow down, pray and reflect in the morning and read at least one spiritual book.  What will you do?

Summer Vocation | Catechist's Journey:

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Summer Vocation
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