Feb 24, 2013

This Weeks Diigo Posts (weekly)

This Weeks Diigo Posts (weekly)

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Feb 22, 2013

Feb 19, 2013

What does it cost fo live?

We've known for some time that the North East States have the highest cost of living when compared with the rest of the country.  This morning I came across this simple graphic illustrating that high cost.  Consider first that each adult works to live.  By live I mean we must pay for housing, food, utilities, clothing, transportation, education, and if possible our enjoyment.  Too many adults these past few years have been forced to work part-time jobs to pay for those costs.  Many others work a two to three part-time jobs because they cannot secure full-time employment. One night I went to my local dollar store to pick up batteries, striking up a conversation with the clerk, I discovered that she works three jobs and was beginning another that week.  This greatly bothered me.  According to this graphic a person/household must work 96 minimum wage hours to pay for the average rent for and apartment in Rhode Island.

Graphic was originally published on Man Vs. Debt Facebook page.  
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Feb 17, 2013

Feb 13, 2013

Farewell Pope Benedict

Farewell Pope Benedict

Taken from Word Among Us blog.

To All Our Brothers and Sisters:

As you probably know, Pope Benedict XVI announced that he will resign at the end of this month....The weight of responsibility that he has carried on his shoulders these past eight years is simply overwhelming....

Throughout his papacy, and especially during this Year of Faith, Pope Benedict was persistent in his call for Catholics to commit themselves to a New Evangelization. Here again, as in so many other ways, we see the Holy Father’s desire to encourage us to live for Jesus and to further the mission of the Church. 

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Feb 12, 2013

Feb 7, 2013

Feb 5, 2013

Feb 3, 2013