Mar 27, 2012

Going To Church = A Better Mood

A recent Gallup report found that the majority of people who regularly attended Mass or Worship service on the weekend were happier that those who did not.
The churchgoers' positive emotions are especially high on Sundays -- while everyone else actually sees a decline in mood on that day, according to the findings of the Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index.
 The researchers found that people who frequently attend church had 3.36 positive emotions a day, on average. However, the positive emotions among people who never go to church numbered 3.08 per day, on average.
The difference in positive emotions remained true even after researchers adjusted for factors like income, age and education.
Most of us have intuitively known this for years.  We try to keep Sunday as a day for family, visiting, playing games, talking to those we love, sharing a home cooked meal, and most importantly giving time to thank and praise God.  This is a low stress day.  God gives to those who love Him.  He gives what we need and He knows what is needed.  Rest and relaxation on the "seventh day".

Going To Church Linked With Better Mood, Study Finds:

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Going To Church = A Better Mood
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