Mar 31, 2011

Since When Is 60 Passing?

The Woonsocket School Board recently passed a resolution to make 60% mastery a passing grade.  If you listen to the Board's reasoning, it sounds pretty simple.  According to "New Graduation Requirements Make First Passage" by Sandy Phaneuf, an article posted on the Woonsocket Patch, this decision will raise WHS's graduation rate from 63% to 70%.  That sounds good for the city.  Right? 

Let's not even comment on the fact that the Board is trying to raise the graduation rate to the 70% mark because that is more acceptable.  Instead lets think about this in the larger context.  Over the last few decades, educators, policy makers, journalists, and parents have demanded higher standards for our schools.  We worry about the future competitiveness of our economy because our students are not learning.  By all means, lower the minimum passing grade.   

Would anyone want a teacher who only knew 60% of their subject?  Would anyone want a doctor who only knew 60% of the human body?  Would anyone want a contractor or plumber who only knew 60% of their field?  Would anyone want a trash collector who only knew 60% of their route?  

Concerned parents should contact the Woonsocket School Board.  They are still debating further changes for the 2011-2010 school year schedule. 

For more information you can also check out Channel 12 article "Proposal Would Change Grad Requirement"


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Since When Is 60 Passing?
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