Sep 24, 2014

What Christians should know about Islam

Islam means submission. Muslims submit to Allah and the word of his prophet Mohammad.  This means a submission to Sharia Law and the belief that it is Godly to force others to submit by the sword or through social and economic pressure.  This belief is grounded deeply in the Koran and supported through centuries of history.  It is important to remember that the Koran speaks of solidarity between believers and the condemnation of non-believers which it defines as Christians and Jews. This video produced by Franciscan University with Dr. Hahn and Dr. Regis is a highly interesting panel focused on what Catholics should know about Islam. 

Ultimately, we must remember that we are all created in God's image.  As Christians we are God's adopted sons and daughters who share in mission of Christ to spread the Good News with all who will listen and engage in dialog with those who will not.
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Sep 17, 2014

Grade 7 Quiz - Retake

Grade 7 Quiz - Retake

1) Who were the four evangelists and the symbols used to represent them.
2) Who did the four evangelists address their Gospels? Who was their audience?.
3) Describe how Mark portrayed Jesus.
4) Describe how Matthew portrayed Jesus.
5) Describe how Luke portrayed Jesus.
6) Describe how John portrayed Jesus.
7) Why to Catholics say the biblical authors were inspired?
8) Why are their inconsistencies and contradictions in the Bible?
9) How many books are in the Catholic Old Testament and the New Testament?
10) Is the Bible true? Explain.

All answers must be in complete sentences.

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Scotland, Should We Stay Or Should We Go?

Tomorrow the people of Scotland will vote on a referendum on Scottish independence. Here are a few videos on the issue.  The first is a quick video explaining the difference between United Kingdom, Great Britain, and England.

Edinburgh News published a list of 10 reasons for and against Scottish independence.  Here is their list, for a more detailed explanation, check out the article.

  1. Decisions about Scotland are best made by the people who live here
  2. Scotland can be a successful country in its own right
  3. An independent Scotland would make decisions that reflected Scottish priorities.
  4. Independence would be a declaration of confidence in ourselves and our nation
  5. Scotland could set its own welfare priorities
  6. Scotland could get rid of Trident
  7. Scotland would not get dragged into illegal wars
  8. North Sea oil revenues would be put to good use
  9. Scotland could adopt a different immigration policy
  10. Scotland will continue to have good relationships with England, Wales and Northern Ireland but on a more equal basis

  1. The UK is a successful union dating back 300 years
  2. Being part of the UK offers more economic security
  3. Jobs could be lost
  4. Major projects could be frozen
  5. Prices could rise
  6. Scotland benefits from UK research funding
  7. No-one knows what currency Scotland would use
  8. Scotland would have less influence in the world
  9. The BBC should not be put at risk
  10. Security is better handled on a UK-wide basis

What do you think?

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Sep 12, 2014

Sep 11, 2014