Dec 5, 2012

Christmas Cupcake Challenge

Cupcake Challenge

Rules:  Each team of no more than three members, must bake and decorate enough cupcakes to shared with members of the class.  Three to five judges will evaluate  your best cupcake based on the following criteria.  

FlavorThis tasty cupcake is of exceptional flavor, neither overly sweet nor lacking in flavor.  (40 pts)This cupcake is of average taste resembling the quality normally found in a store- bought package. (30 pts)This cupcake either lacks flavor or is too sweet.  (20 pts)
PresentationThis attractive cupcake represents the “winter” theme exceptionally well making use of color and other elements of design.  (40 pts)This cupcake adequately represents the “winter” theme resembling the generic quality normally found in a store bought package. (30 pts)This cupcake lacks artistic elements, color, and/or fails to represent the “winter” theme. (20 pts)
TextureThis cupcake is the ideal texture, neither too moist/soft nor dry/firm. (20 pts)This cupcake is of average quality. (15 pts)This cupcake is either too moist/soft or dry/firm. (10 pts)

Cupcake Challenge Evaluation Criteria:

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Christmas Cupcake Challenge
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