Nov 7, 2012

Did We Really Elect President Obama?

Yesterday just over 10,000 residents in our city cast ballots.  I did.  At 7:45 in the morning, I was voter number 71 at my local voting station.  Like me, most voted for either President Obama or Governor Romney.  Some may have voted for a third party candidate or wrote in a specific name.  If you have watched the news or checked the internet, you are well aware that President Obama won the election with 303 votes.  But did he really win the election?  Before you get any funny ideas, this not a conspiracy post.  It has more to do with how we elect a president.  What does "303" electoral votes mean?  What is the Electoral College?  Who came up with it and why was it necessary?  What did the media mean when they said "270" is needed to win?  Are there any U.S. Citizens forbidden from voting?  When I get to live in the Starship Enterprise, will I be able to vote?


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Did We Really Elect President Obama?
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