Jun 23, 2012

An Untrustworthy Internet

Last summer I started a short-lived part time job with Leap Force.  My task was to read internet queries and evaluate the ten to twenty search results based on evaluation criteria, determine the appropriateness of each result, and flag any site I suspected of using spamming techniques.

One query that I remember was "make money from home online".   I often flagged these results as spam.  Often appearing in these queries were online companies like "Short Task" and "Microworkers" which act as a clearing house for web entrepreneurs to contract others to promote their business.  For example, if I were running an Amazon Store, I could go to one of these two companies and hire anyone to write positive comments beneath my products or "like" my store on Facebook.  The "worker" might earn $0.60 then do the same task.

The internet is supposed to be a pure democracy, with authentic comments and reviews.  When making online pursue a careful buyer will read comments with a degree of skepticism, but we assume that these comments were written by actual customers, not by people paid small amounts of money to write scripted feedback.  Now consider this when it comes to page rankings. One $0.06 task posted by a man named "Gerald Wolfe" was to search Yahoo, Bing, and Google with eight specific queries.  The way these search engines work, this man's page rank will increase.  Also, because of the specific nature of these terms, when you or I search for his name will produce auto fill text with his name and terms like "clients love him" and "positive experiences".  These are not authentic they are a manipulation of the internet .

We must be careful where we place our trust and make decisions based on reason, research, logic, and faith.
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An Untrustworthy Internet
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