Jul 22, 2011

Silicon Sisters Seeks "Social Engineering"

Silicon Sisters, a Vancover based video game company was created by two entertainment-oriented enterprising women, Kristen Forbes and Brenda Gershkovitch for the purpose of designing video games FOR girls. Both women recognize that women and girls make up 37% of the game playing population.  And women's  interests are largely under-represented.  Unlike most boys' games those produced by Silicon Sisters emphasis "social engineering", that is communication and relationships.

"School 26, their first game is geared toward tweens and teens, and the storyline is built around the very complicated social hierarchy of high school. You play the game as a young girl who’s a newcomer to a school. She comes from a nomadic family, which has made it difficult for her to maintain long-term friendships. As she enrolls in this, her 26th school, she strikes a bargain with her parents: If she can make friends, they’ll stay put.
So the player of School 26 must help the character do just that: build friendships and navigate the sticky, awkward and sometimes awful moral dilemmas of school. These range from power struggles to peer pressure, romance, betrayal, alienation, acceptance – all real and relevant situations that girls face every day."  For more of the article see: Video Games Built Just for Girls | MindShift


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Silicon Sisters Seeks "Social Engineering"
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